Residential Cleaning

Your home is one of your biggest investments - protect it! The time & energy it takes to keep it in good condition can be daunting & costly. That is why we're here.

Have you ever noticed when you enter a sparkling clean home you tend to respect that environment & keep it clean. We can help your home get that respect!

Just call us for a free estimate. We can help with the initial clean up, with move-in work or a good spring cleaning (even if it's in the fall).

Here at Let's Talk Dirt we can customize your cleaning for your busy lifestyle and your specific needs. We'll help keep your home & furnishings in top notch condition.

Our services include:

Living Room/Bedroom

  1. High dusting (fans & ceiling lights)
  2. Dust & damp wipe sills, woodwork, baseboards & doors
  3. Cleaning/vacuum window treatments & blinds, readjust blinds
  4. Spot clean/dust walls, rails & switch plates
  5. Edge & vacuum (move furniture as specified)
  6. Dust & polish all furniture (including legs & vertical surfaces)
  7. Clean all glass fixtures, tables & entry doors
  8. Straighten pillows, throws, magazines, etc.
  9. Remove trash
  10. Shake & vacuum throw rugs
  11. Vacuum carpet & stairs, wash hard surface floors

Kitchen/Bathroom Areas

(Clean and disinfect)

  1. High dusting (fans & ceiling lights)
  2. Remove trash
  3. Damp wipe cabinet fronts
  4. Disinfect all counters and sinks
  5. Clean/polish all appliances (exterior)
  6. Clean microwave (interior)
  7. Disinfect switch plates, wall spots/back splash
  8. Clean and disinfect showers, tubs, stools inside and out
  9. Clear and disinfect vanity and light fixtures
  10. Straighten towels
  11. Vacuum/wash all hard surface floors
  12. Double check appliances on/off
  13. Lights out, set alarms, lock doors

We also offer:

  • complete window cleaning
  • spring/fall cleaning
  • carpet cleaning
  • complete appliance cleaning
  • house for sale preparation
  • move in/out cleaning
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