Candle Wax

To remove spilled candle wax from your carpet, lay a brown paper grocery sack over the wax & iron the paper - the wax will melt & absorb into the sack - use regular carpet spotter to lift any remaining oily residue.

Baked On Food In Pan Or Bowl

It can be removed by placing a dryer sheet & water in the pan or bowl to soak. Works like a charm! And - a dryer sheet tucked in your waist band will repel mosquitoes.

Remove Glass Ring On A Wood Table

Dampen a small part of a cloth, dip into cooled cigarette ashes & rub with the grain. Follow up with furniture polish.

Remove Ink

Use hairspray to remove ink pen marks from clothing or off of leather. Spray it on & work it in, rinse with mild soap product.

Wall Washing

Bet your mother never told you this one! Always start at the bottom and work your way up. If you start at the top, you'll get dribble marks through the dirty walls below which will set and are very hard to remove. Baking soda works great for wall spots.

Bathtub Cleaner

Peroxide & Cream of Tarter on a rag. Scrub, rinse & polish dry.

Shower/Tub Polish

Try car wax (Turtle) on your formica tub shower combo. Clean well with your favorite cleaner. Then apply polish & follow through as with a car. This repels dirt & build-up, looks great & makes it easy to maintain.

Crayon Marks On Wall

Try tooth paste, we think it works great!

Fridge Odors

In an empty fridge put crumpled newspapers & 5 or 6 charcoal briquettes. This will absorb the odor. It’s best not to unplug an empty fridge.

Louver Doors

To clean & polish, dip a paint brush in lemon oil & apply, the bristles get into the louvers great. Then wipe down with a cloth later, if needed.

Carpet Walking Path

Apply a box of table salt to the path over night. The salt will be dark gray in the morning - it absorbs the dirt. Then vacuum well. Also, WD40 takes shoe polish out of carpet, if it gets spilled or smeared on it.

Rust Stains

Tang is no longer just for breakfast. Sprinkle on wet areas & let sit. The acid in it will dissolve the rust.

Lime Build-Up On Granite Or Marble

Use vinegar and 004 (ott) steel wool or go to for additional tips.

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